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Stain-Resistant Carpeting

We can't predict when messes will happen, but we can undoubtedly help assure they won't leave permanent marks. With stain-resistant carpeting, you can enjoy all the looks you love, along with constant reassurance.


At Akel's Carpet One Floor & Home, proudly serving greater Little Rock and Sherwood, AR, we can help you find the perfect carpeting that's fully compatible with your home. Our inventory of stain-resistant carpets spans all of the leading brands, including Innovia Touch XTREME, OATH by Resista, LEES, and Tigressá.


Benefits of Stain-Resistant Carpeting

Nothing comforts like a carpet, but until recently, carpeting wasn't ideal for stain-prone spaces. Modern innovation has given us hundreds of stylish, colorful, and attractive options.


Each of these carpet's strands is coated with a unique substance that keeps spills from becoming stains. Simply dab away spills using clean water and a towel: we promise no odors or marks will linger.


Where to Use Stain-Resistant Carpeting

Stain-resistant carpeting can go anywhere carpeting typically goes. There are styles suitable for many different uses, including residential and commercial options. Like all carpeting, stain-resistant products aren't advised for bathroom or kitchen use.


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Are you eager to find out more about our stain-resistant carpeting options? Please visit us soon at one of our two local showrooms to chat with one of our carpeting specialists.


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