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Carpet in Arkansas

Carpet offers ongoing opportunities for residential and commercial property owners. Our carpets are made for your most demanding days, offering incredible style and function. At Akel's Carpet One Floor & Home, serving Sherwood, Little Rock, North Little Rock, Maumelle, and Parham, we're proud to be your neighborhood carpet experts.


We offer the area's best carpet selection, and our flooring professionals provide personalized attention. Whether you need commercial carpet tile for your office, or the latest trends by fine makers like Karastan, we’re here to help.


Which Types of Carpet Will Work Best For Me?


Before you commit to new carpet, start thinking about your room's activity levels, your pets, and your family’s lifestyle. Ideally, your carpet choice should balance style and functionality while meeting essential needs.


  • Nylon is one of the most popular fibers. It is durable and resilient and is perfect if you’re looking to install carpet in throughout your home.
  • Polyester is like nylon, but less costly. As technology advances, so does the durability of polyester. Polyester must be treated to make it stain-resistant.
  • Olefin is a synthetic fiber that keeps color well. If you have a bright or vibrant colored carpet, olefin could be the best option.
  • Triexta is unique because it is naturally stain-resistant. It is also a durable fiber.
  • Wool is a natural fiber that is perfect if you are looking for a “green” carpet fiber. Wool must be maintained by a professional, and it’s perfect for keeping your space energy efficient.


The type of carpet of a specific product is determined by how the fiber is attached to the backing. The distinct types of carpet can be ideal for different applications.


  • Cut-pile carpets are created by attaching a fiber to a backing and then cutting them. The length and twist of the carpet fibers that are left can vary from product to product.
  • Loop pile carpets are loops of fibers attached to the carpet backing. Usually, Berber carpets are loop carpets.
  • Cut-loop carpets are a combination of both cut and loop carpets on one backing.


Where Can Carpet Be Installed?


Carpet is ideal for installation in bedrooms, dens, or living rooms. Our stain, wear and fade resistant carpets can be installed in places around your home that experience constant traffic like stairs, hallways, children's playrooms, and basements. Waterproof carpets can be installed anywhere in your home and are perfect for basements.


Serious Stain Resistance


With stain-resistant carpet you can enjoy the looks you love, with constant reassurance. Modern innovation has given us hundreds of stylish, colorful, and attractive options.


Each carpet's strand is coated with a unique substance, preventing spills from becoming stains. Simply dab away spills using clean water and a towel: we promise no odors or marks will linger.


Stain-resistant carpet goes anywhere carpet typically goes. It’s suitable for different uses, including residential and commercial options. Like all carpet, stain-resistant products aren't advised for bathroom or kitchen use.


Don’t Forget the Carpet Padding!


Most customers don’t think about carpet padding right away. However, it’s an essential component of getting the most of your floor. The right carpet pad will help you manage spills, mold, odors, dust, and other issues. It also adds comfort and cushioning underfoot and can better insulate your space.


We offer a top selection of carpet pads made with the latest materials. The best carpet padding lengthens your floor’s lifespan and protects your subfloor from long-term damage. It also adds better balance and sound absorption to your room. Our affordable products add value to your flooring purchase without significantly raising the cost.


Among our options are ultra-plush foam for everyday comfort and energy savings, as well as moisture/odor resistant pads for pet lovers. Select carpet pad options are also hypoallergenic, meaning they won’t harbor allergens, and they’re low-VOC emitting, which promotes better indoor air quality and health.


Come See Our Carpet Selection


Serving Central Arkansas, Akel's Carpet One Floor & Home is proud to be part of the world's most prolific independent flooring cooperative. With our expansive inventory and local expertise, we can serve all your carpet needs, offering indoor and outdoor carpet, area rugs, stair runners, and so much more. Please visit us soon to browse our carpet displays.



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Cleaning Your Carpet

Properly caring for carpet enhances performance,

bringing years of enjoyment. Whether you choose to

clean it yourself or hire a professional, always check

your carpet warranty for any maintenance specifications.



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