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Carpet Padding

Why is Carpet Padding Important?

If you’re in the process of shopping for a new carpet, the experts at Akels Carpet One Floor & Home can help. We specialize in beautiful flooring that’s durable and performance-driven. When it comes to carpet, many of our customers don’t think about carpet padding right away. However, it’s an essential component of getting the most out of your new floor. The right carpet pad will ensure your floor can better handle spills, mold, odors, dust, and other issues. It also adds comfort and cushioning underfoot and can better insulate your space.


Benefits of Choosing the Right Carpet Pad


We offer a top selection of premium carpet pads that are made with the latest materials and constructions for optimal performance value. The best carpet padding will lengthen the lifespan of your floor and protect your subfloor from long-term damage. It also adds better balance and sound absorption to your room. Our carpet pad selection includes affordable products that will add value to your flooring purchase without significantly raising the cost.

In addition to being budget-friendly, our carpet pad selection includes high-tech foam materials that are ultra-plush and comfortable, and have energy-saving insulation benefits. We also have moisture and odor-resistant pads that will protect your subfloor from spills. This is particularly useful for pet owners who are worried about urine ruining their new floors. Additionally, many of our carpet pad options are hypoallergenic because they won’t harbor allergens, and they’re low-VOC emitting, which promotes better indoor air quality and health.

If you’d like to learn more about our flooring services, contact the experts at Akels Carpet One. We proudly serve Little Rock, Sherwood, all of Central Arkansas, and beyond.






At Akel's Carpet One, we offer a wide variety of carpet pad options that stand up to wear and tear while keeping your floors comfortable for years to come. Our flooring expert, Paul Rhodes, explains the benefits of installing quality carpet padding for your floors. Visit our showroom today!

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