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Hardwood Flooring in Arkansas

When it’s time for new hardwood flooringAkel's Carpet One Floor & Home is your local retailer. We have everything you could want and need in hardwood flooring and more. Our friendly and professional staff is here to help you navigate our selection as well as getting you set up with installation.


Styling Your Hardwood Floor


Hardwood flooring offers distinctive looks for all spaces and styles. Your hardwood flooring can be trendy, traditional, sleek, or rustic. If you’re fond of vintage or retro looks, consider a weathered, wide plank. If your style leans more towards the contemporary, consider streamlined, glossy planks.


Make it your own with varying:


  • Finishes
  • Lengths
  • Widths
  • Colors
  • Textures


Whether you choose to leave your hardwood exposed for a lux, utilitarian look, or opt to accentuate your room with a coordinating area rug, hardwood is elegant, sophisticated, and has a high-end appearance.


What Kind of Woods Are In Hardwood Floors?


Your hardwood flooring options are as diverse as the world’s forests: which is exactly where they come from.


Hardwood flooring can be either domestic or exotic, with options including


  • Maple
  • Pine
  • Oak
  • Teak
  • Cork
  • Hickory
  • Birch


One crucial factor to remember is that each species varies in terms of function, so be sure to collaborate closely with our experts.


How Are Solid and Engineered Hardwood Different?


Solid hardwood flooring consists of single strips of wood. The biggest benefit to solid hardwood is that it can easily be customized, sanded, and re-stained to change finishes as your styles change.


Engineered hardwood flooring planks come in many colors and wood types, just like solid wood. However, engineered hardwood flooring is made by laminating 3-5 strips together, with grains running at different angles. Engineered hardwood is more structurally sound so it can be installed in areas where solid wood flooring might not be an option, for example, moist basements. It’s typically less expensive and tends to be more water-resistant compared to traditional solid wood floors.


Where Can I Install Hardwood Floors?


Hardwood flooring is suitable for home settings where there isn't significant moisture and foot traffic. It’s a beautiful addition to your bedroom, especially if you’re someone who likes to redecorate frequently. Adding a dramatic base to the space where you entertain and enjoy, hardwood flooring is also gorgeous in the living room.


Planning Your Hardwood Installation


When it comes installing hardwood flooring, it’s not unusual for the process to quickly get complicated.


Precision and accuracy are required every step of the way:


  • Taking Measurements of Your Room
  • Prepping Subfloors
  • Trimming Baseboards
  • Removing Furnishings


Novices take note: hardwood flooring installation is a complex job that many opt to leave up to the professionals. It’s tempting to try going it yourself, but is it worth it? There could serious repercussions. Novices can have a high margin of error, and if installed incorrectly, your new floor might wear out before its time or even become seriously damaged. Often, damages aren’t covered by your manufacturers’ warranty, which require professional installation.


Browse Our Hardwood Floor Selection


Akel’s Carpet One Floor & Home is proud to be part of North America's best-loved flooring cooperative. We carry all the hottest hardwood brands, including products exclusive to Carpet One. Please visit us soon in Little Rock or Sherwood to learn more about your hardwood flooring options; or browse our hardwood options online today.



Learn More About Hardwood


Caring for Hardwood Flooring


Having hardwood flooring is a commitment, but it’s not as difficult as you might believe. Our expert maintenance tips take the hassle out of hardwood.