• Mar 28, 2014
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Spring Flowers - Crocus Inspired Home Decor

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That unexpected burst of color through crisp white snow. The first sign of spring. An elegant beauty. Crocuses have long been a symbol of spring. This beautiful flower with it's deep purple hues can inspire beautiful rooms in your home. Beyond the color, crocuses inspire bold accents and a harmonious blend of soft and hard. If you already have a clean white space, it's easy to add a bit of shocking purple to great this bold look. If your space is already a bit softer, add some clean lines in addition to the purple accents. Even if purple's not your thing, you can be inspired by adding a few pleasant surprises into your space.spring inspired decor: crocus purple

Clockwise from top left: Fancy Cribs, She Knows Home & Garden, Best Home, Elle Decor, 55 Downing Street, She Knows Home & Garden

If you'd love to incorporate some spring inspired decor featuring the crocus-inspired purple into your home, view more purple ideas on Pinterest.

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