• Oct 18, 2013
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Falling for Brown

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The bright, vibrant colors of summer may be fading but what are revealed are the natural earthy shades of brown. Brown is down-to-earth and signifies stability, structure and support. It symbolizes honesty and sincerity. It is also warm and comforting. With that kind of welcoming feel you'll be falling for brown decor.

From bathrooms to bedrooms, brown works in every room of your home. Keep the palette simple with different shades of brown only or add pops of color. This brown inspiration will make you see brown in a whole new light.



Brown in the bedroom can be luxurious and comfortable all at the same time. To pull of this look go with a soft plush carpet like World of Softness from Tigressa.



A brown statement wall and rustic hardwood floors can make a large space feel warmer. For this look try Franksville by Rustic River in Leather Bound and wenge AF-180 from Benjamin Moore



Shades of brown in the dining room are warm and inviting for your dinner guests. These floors may look like hardwood but they’re actually laminate. Try Marvell in Joplin Cherry from Laminate for Life



Browns and beiges create a naturally relaxing bedroom. For a nature inspired floor try Pearcy from Laminate for Life.



Brown makes for a great modern bathroom. Brown and white tiles add a new twist to traditional black and white. Photo: Bigstock


Check out more brown home decor on our Pinterest Page.

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